"I started Yoga classes with Mrinalika 1 and half years back. Before that I haven’t done yoga but attended a few classes here and there but I couldn’t cope up with the flow. With Mrinalika it is different, it’s an experience. Even if you are a beginner in a class of regular yoga practitioners, she makes you feel in sync. She takes care of each and every individual and guides how to transition to a pose if we aren’t comfortable with one. I like the calmness in her classes, it’s flowing. I had a lower back ache which has almost vanished with my regular classes with her and whenever there is an anxiety trigger, I practise few poses that I have learnt from her, which helps me to calm my mind. The one who is claustrophobic and never enjoyed gymming, her tough classes are a great stress buster for me. I think she is one of the best yoga teacher one can have."

Prapti Chowdhury

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